ICBMCatcher - back in action
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ICBMCatcher - back in action
04-14-2017, 06:35 AM
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RE: ICBMCatcher - back in action
Stephen asked for as much details as he could so I sent them to the main chat. Apologies Marc if you think this was not right to do. Please without hesitation correct my post here if it conflicts with your work. I just answered a request. This guy, "ICBM Catcher", makes non-sequitur points, circular rubbish, without evidence etc, etc. I think you all know where he is from and I'd take a poke in the dark for "Jargonbuster" from the James Randi forums or "D'rok" from the Quatloos forum dressed up in another name (I think Stephen has found that out), statists non-the-less. I tangled with them both years ago. They are avid statists that couldn't beat me about five or six years ago (when I wasn't that informed) before TOM MIXX gave me (years later) an "NSP polishing treatment" Two Thumbs Up Grinning... That was the nom de plume they went by then, "Jargonbuster" and "D'rok" aka was / is a fat frumpy guy, "Justice" David Fatty Man "Rooke" (Meads versus Meads). Now I know that I have littered this with ad hominems but when you consider what these people have sentenced people to during their time I think I have little or no karma to be worried about. Watch out for the Quatloos blog here as people like Eyal are being named... http://quatloosia.blogspot.co.nz/

Nothing in this post is legal or lawful advice, it is only used for the sake of entertainment. Do not act on anything entered anywhere by the avatar known as pigpot.

All "rights" are reserved by this poster.
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