"But g-d"
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"But g-d"
06-03-2017, 12:06 PM
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"But g-d"
I would prefer only Marc respond to this. All others, please, no comments. This discussion is an ongoing one between Marc and myself.

"Mark: Has an idea he would upset some people on this/that show". (4-8-17)
(I listened to the show a few weeks later and was not made "upset". Should I have been Marc?)

Once again you present yourself as being the ultimate moral/ethical authority for everyone else. Really? When, where, why , how did you become the spokesperson for this ultimate moral authority organization you are attempting to promote?

Moving on, your fond of this instructive, "Do no harm".

Where, how, when does/did this morally biased statement originate? Did you read it in a book somewhere or has this come from your own thoughts?

You mentioned the death of someone then said, "Rest in peace"?

Where do these people you seem fond of go to "rest in peace"? Your question hints of them coming alive since they are only "resting". Please tell me what it means to "rest in peace".

Why Marc (SAYS HE) "doesn't discuss religion on the show:
1) Not particularly important.
2) Very divisive.
3) Don't get rationale discussions.
4) It ends in argument.

Because Marc SAYS study along these lines is "not particularly important". If it's not "important" why do you bother speaking of people dying? It's not important, right?

Divisive? Agree. Many "religions" can be divisive. "No rational discussion"? Only you have been endowed with the ability to maintain "rational discussion"? When and how did this occur in your mind?

Discussions normally end with 2, or more, people agreeing or disagreeing which could even result in agreeing to disagree. "Argument" only happens without rationality present.

Marc Wrote:g-d was used to justify slavery lynching people of African decent. KKK is a christian organization as g-ds chosen and are better. Justify s murder, justify war. Cannibalism has been justified because of g-d.

Marc brings up a list attempting to explain his small understanding of what he thinks scripture teaches.
1) Slavery

Actually scripture teaches servant-hood. Slavery is something that occurred in recent history here in what is called the US and unless agreed upon was not something scripture teaches. Servant-hood could come about for 3 reasons in scripture.

2) Lynching blacks
Please present chapter and verse for this assertion. I can't seem to find it.

3) Murder
Mine says "You shall NOT murder". Are we reading the same books?

4) War
Wars mentioned in my book says they were for a specific people and for a specific time and reasons. Nowhere does mine advocate any war currently. Does yours?

5) Cannibalism
Once again, I cant find cannibalism advocated or even mentioned in my books. Where does it say that in yours?

Next the twisted "religious" (yes, ...reader, any attempt at living the anarchist lifestyle is considered/called a “religion”) mindset displayed by Marc in his "show" plays the "song" Jihad by "Slayer" which contains the lyric "I will see you buried alive screaming for your g-d".

I would at his point be required to ask Marc, do you understand what it means to have dual standards? You seem to promote Islam. Is this a hidden agenda of yours?

Marc then goes on to say,

Marc Wrote:" If your argument is so weak and poor that the only thing you can do is say, "but g-d" I think you really need to reexamine your position. Something that goes against your holy book when it says thou shalt not kill and to love one another and do unto others as you would have them do to you".

Surprise, surprise! Here Marc get it's at least 1/2 right! You do realize these ethics are addressing our moral responsibilities towards other humans?

Marc Wrote:IF there is something in there about cutting someones hand of because they have stolen something. Or stoning them to death because they have left their religion. You really need to examine that.

Morality varies from individual to individual, and will always be and is always inherently subjective. g-d (and g-d alone) is absolutely objective, therefore g-d (and g-d alone) determines morality- not the other way around.

No, there is no examples in scripture of anyone getting their hand cut off. Your exposure to Islam is glaring. Stoning examples do exist not because they had “left their religion” but because they did not do what they said they would do. Who might you or I be to say the punishment for the deliberate act of disobedience wasn't ethical or morally correct?

Call that a “But g-d cop-out if you wish. I would likely in person simply respond, "But NO g-d"?

marc Wrote:How about some proof and discussion on the ethics and morality of the matter taking place. Do you want that done to you? Do you want to hang from a tree because of the color of your skin? Anything to justify slitting an animals throat and eating its carcass. Spare me the "but g-d" because your only using it as an invalid cop-out for your argument.

Sure, some proof and discussion on the ethics and morality of what matter? Do I want what done to me? Hang from a tree, no thanks. (Again, I cant find that in my books anywhere.)

Okay, the crux of the whole discussion, vegetarianism. “Spare you”? Okay, how about you “spare us”? Spare those of us who choose to eat kosher animals that are properly raised and properly processed into the food chain. Is it because they have a beating heart that you think its immoral to eat kosher meat and fish? Are you so immoral Marc that you have killed insects that also have hearts? Where exactly have you drawn your scripture-less mindset line on how large a heart must be before its no longer okay to process that for food? Furthermore, why are you acting so immoral by killing a living plant as others have asked you? Your dual standards are again glaring! “But g-d” you say “we” say? But Marc!

One last question for ya Marky: Does this "g-d" you speak of have a name? Poke

Land of the Free?
With the highest incarceration per capita in the world?
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