challenging property tax
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challenging property tax
07-05-2017, 11:51 AM (This post was last modified: 07-05-2017 11:54 AM by scar.)
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challenging property tax
So i first challenged the claims of Pima County Assessor back in October 2015, when they sent me a 'Notice of Value' containing numerous errors including so-called "value" of my property and "legal class". This was back before i found you all and learned from Marc, so I wrote to the Ass. and simply told him that his notice was incorrect and to please correct it so my property was classified as private (exempt). Of course my request was ignored.

Then in February 2016 i received a letter from Pima County Treasurer threatening to sell my land if i didn't pay them. In protest i instructed my bank to send the Treasurer hundreds of checks for varying amounts less than $1. Eventually the Treasurer wrote to me citing some Statute they think applies to me, saying i had to pay them at least $50 at a time. During the course of this, i had contacted the Ass.'s office as well as the Treasurer's, and asked their representatives what evidence they relied on. Of course we went around in circles, "the law applies because the law says so". This took many months of being given the run around between the Ass. and Treasurer. In January 2017 I eventually wrote a strongly-worded letter to the Treasurer, pointing out the threats she makes without supporting evidence, condemning her public service and proclaiming my duty to humanity stand up to monsters like her.

Well, i think luck was on my side, because i never heard back from the Treasurer, but now heard from her lawyer, the Pima County Attorney. Now I have a letter from the Attorney making all sorts of claims that the Constitution and Statutes apply to me and grant them authority to impose property tax obligations on me. I wrote back to the attorney thanking him for his legal opinions, and i asked him what facts he relied on proving the constitution and statutes applied to my property just because it was physically in Arizona. I reminded him of some of my own opinions like "the ethical rules for lawyers do not permit arguing outside the evidence" and "Brady requires all favorable evidence to be disclosed". I didn't hear back from him and so i placed a follow-up call... he wasn't available but did return my call and left a voice message which i have saved, in it he said he represents the Treasurer and he did receive my questions asking for evidence but he said he "hasn't been asked to do anything else at this time"...... so i guess he's withholding evidence until the Treasurer says it's ok to tell me about it?? That was back in April.

Since then i have received another 'Notice of Value' from the Ass. still containing all kinds of lies. Now i filed some sort of petition for correction in which i'm supposed to make my own opinions of the value of my property, legal class, and why i think i'm right. I simply filled in "N/A" for the value and legal class, etc. In the petition, i told the Ass. how i notified him of errors back in 2015 and how he ignored that, then how i contacted his office, the Treasurer's office, and the Pima County Attorney. I told him the Attorney does not have any evidence the constitution and statutes apply to my property and he would be acting in bad faith to continue erroneously listing/valuing it. Finally, i again asked for the evidence he is relying on. In response to the petition, the Ass. simply said he believes the values are correct "in relation to recorded sales". So... 'the law applies to you because it applies to others around you' Brickwall

So the next step they want me to go through is meeting with the "State Board of Equalization" which is scheduled for later this month. In the letter i got from the Board, they stated there is a "presumption of correctness" as to the claims of the Ass. and that I'm the one with the burden to prove it's incorrect. So there's no evidence these statutes apply yet they are already trying to shift the burden to me. i just need to ask the judge in this hearing what evidence he is relying on.... then put into the record the letter from the attorney and my follow-up questions and the saved voicemail...
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07-05-2017, 01:37 PM
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RE: challenging property tax


- NonE the severely deluded Sister Sleazious .).

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