Dunno if this is a rabbit trail or not.
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Dunno if this is a rabbit trail or not.
01-06-2018, 02:24 PM
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Dunno if this is a rabbit trail or not.
but it does have a few interesting tidbits.

This is a copy from CIAbook in a post to Marc's CIAbook pictures that I found looking through his pix.

Seiko Seven... in a post Wrote:Warning to all prosecutors who insist on bringing forth false claims (criminal complaints) against your fellow man on behalf of your imaginary friends, such as:

CITY OF GALVESTON vs John Q. PUBLIC [Unlawful possession of...]
STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. PUBLIC [Unlawful possession of...]
UNITED STATES vs John Q. PUBLIC [Failure to file....]

Or any gov't agency, such as: DEA, FBI, IRS, BLM, etc.

You better be able to cough up your imaginary friend (plaintiff) to take the stand and verify his claims, or YOU are going to be the one on the witness stand as a defendant in a trespass claim for filing false claims against your fellow man

Grab your popcorn, folks. The Emperor truly has no clothes. Are you ready for your Freedom from Government? You're about to learn about a money grabbing; society controlling; governing for profit, unlawful scam that's been plaguing America for far too long. You'll never be the same after reading this, guarantee it!

The STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. PUBLIC [Notice From Hell]

The Notice is found deep within this article. You need to read the article in its entirety so you understand why and how to use the Notice to hold a prosecutor accountable for his trespasses when filing false claims (criminal complaints) into court against you.

Note: Whatever you do, don't miss the testimonials in the comments below!

You are about to take the Red pill, and believe me when I say your attorney was not taught this information in law school (I mean statute/code school ). If you share this with your attorney and he claims it is 'PAY-triot mythology-sovereign citizen- horseshit that has never worked in court, or has been proven to be 'free man on the land' conspiracy nutjob-gobbledygook; unsubstantiated legal theories that have been proven false time and time again, etc., he's flat assed lying to you out of pure spite, deceit, or better yet, complete and utter ignorance of the Law.


As of November 2, 2016 the Notice you will see further down this article has now made EIGHT felony cases vanish from PACER without a trace-gone-poof-never happened-no paper trail-VANISHED into thin air. There are actual screenshots from real people who have come forth and verified the Notice made their cases vanish from PACER in the comments section below.

Don't leave me a comment asking me to 'prove it' to you. Three of the people who have used the Notice are here on facebook (See the screenshots of their testimonials in the comments below). They have come forth several times over the last year in my defense to shut up the naysayers and nonbelievers, but they are done airing their dirty laundry for the world to see just to prove a point to the 'show me crowd', and I do not feel it is my right to continually drag them into the public just to 'prove it' to the nonbelievers. One thing I always seem to notice, is anytime someone claims a remedy in Law has actually worked, all the naysayers from Missouri (the 'show me state') want some kind of 'proof'. Screenshots in the comments section below will provide you with proof.

Note: No one is forcing you to use the Notice. If you feel it may be of benefit to you, then use it - or don't. If the Notice didn't work, I wouldn't waste my time with this article; I have more important things to do with my life, and I would not share something like this if it was a failure and had not been proven to work.

Continued regarding your attorney:

Try not to hold it against him, he was not trained in actual LAW, such as the common law this nation was founded upon and still operates under to this day. He was however, trained in CODES and STATUTES, and there is a HUGE difference between actual Law and statutory law that is being taught in law schools

BAR attorneys are prosecutors or defenders of people who are being compensated to abide by codes, rules, regulations, and statutes as found in US Codes or State Statutes. Those compensated people I speak of are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, on either a local, state, or federal level.

When you read a statute that says,

"No person shall possess an fully suppressed automatic weapon or firearm without first obtaining a class III weapons permit."


"No person shall openly carry a firearm without having first obtained a concealed carry permit.", you must pay very close attention to the words being used.

That nasty little word 'person' doesn't mean what you think it means within their statutes. That word is actually CODE for 'federal employee', and federal employees are being COMPENSATED to abide by those restrictive firearms (and others statutes) statutes while they are on the clock receiving their gov't paycheck, but you and I are not.

It is actually against the attorney's Bar Charter to represent anyone other than officers, employees, or elected officials of corporations, such as the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, or one of its sub-corporation's such as the STATE OF TEXAS, or one of ITS sub-corporation's such as the CITY OF GALVESTON, but they do it anyway because the majority of the population do not know the Law.

If an attorney tells you that common law has been abolished; is no longer being utilized; is out of date, etc. Ask him to show you the footnote under Article VII of the Bill of Rights, or the Amendment to the Constitution that has abolished Article VII (7th Amendment) ... Believe me, America is still a common law nation, but your supposed 'government' would rather you believe it is a 'code land' like France. Don't allow yourself to be fooled by this treacherous attempt to govern you and your family under statutory law, which only applies to gov't employees who are being compensated to abide by those codes and statutes as found in US Codes and State Statutes.

They have THEIR laws (US Codes and State Statutes), and We the People have OUR Law - the common law, which is unwritten law, and here it is:

* Do No Harm (y)

As in you can do anything you damned well please, and you may own/buy/sell/trade anything you damned well please on American soil as long as you are not harming your fellow man or his property. If by doing any of those things, you actually DO harm your fellow man or his property, you have now committed a trespass upon your fellow man.

You will never see the words 'man' or 'woman' within their codes, because gov't is instituted amongst man to protect and secure his Rights and property, but gov't is not obligated to protect and secure the Rights and property of 'persons' or 'individuals', which are statutory words THEY have created within their codes to define their own internal employees and also hoodwink the average 'man' or 'woman' into believing those codes actually apply to them.

These people are master word nerds, believe it

Also we must note, that they have THEIR Supreme Court (Supreme Court of the United States), and We the People have OUR Supreme Court (Local-County Courthouse), which is SUPERIOR to THEIR Supreme Court

Your Local-County Courthouse is Superior to their Supreme Court, as no fact tried by a jury in that court shall be otherwise reexamined in ANY court of the United States, and that would include WHICH court?

Answer: The Supreme Court of the United States - which is the Supreme Court of Government Employees, not the average man or woman not holding a government job

Amendment VII

"In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law."

Attorney's would have you believe the law is difficult; that you need years of special training to understand the law and how to protect and secure your Rights, but when has the Truth ever been complicated?

Let us begin:

Note: Take a second to notice who the plaintiff is in the photo attached to this article ... That photo has nothing to do with anything other than to show you what a criminal 'complaint' looks like where a claimant (lower right corner) has brought forth a claim against a 'man' on behalf of his imaginary friend that goes by the name 'United States of America', and the claimant is claiming this man (defendant) has harmed his imaginary friend - the 'United States of America' who is NOT a living man. However, it is the prosecutor's AND the claimants imaginary friend

Do you REALLY think some man named 'United States of America', or 'UNITED STATES', or 'STATE OF TEXAS', or 'CITY OF GALVESTON' ran down and hired this claimant to file a complaint on his behalf, who then hired an attorney to file a criminal complaint against YOU?

Edit: As of November 2, 2015 the Notice has been successful at making 6 cases vanish from PACER without a trace - gone - poof - never happened.

Note: They don't like leaving behind paper trails for others to see, and once you've entered a Notice like this into a prosecutor's case, he knows he's about to bear full liability and be held accountable, and THAT is what makes cases disappear from PACER in a literal puff of magic smoke

Anytime a prosecuting attorney is bringing charges against you for anything pertaining to a code or statute violation such as those found in US Codes or State Statutes, he is operating under the presumption that you are one of that corporation's own internal employees who is contractually obligated to abide by those internal statutes. It is a con, and they make billions of dollars every year off of unsuspecting Americans because we don't know the difference between a criminal complaint and an actual claim.

I explain this in more detail here-believe me, it will be well worth your time to read the contents of this link (y)

"The 2nd Amendment Isn't Under Attack, You've Simply Never Been Taught the Difference Between Statutes and The Actual Law."


If you are not employed by that corporation, such as the 'IRS', or the 'CITY OF GALVESTON', the 'FBI', the 'BLM', or the 'STATE OF TEXAS', or the 'UNITED STATES', and being compensated to abide by that corporation's internal rules/codes/statutes/regulations, they simply do not apply to you, as Slavery and Involuntary Servitude are against the Law on American soil (see Amendment XIII), and no man may compel performance (force him to abide by internal corporate statutes-duties and obligations) from another man, without fairly and justly compensating that man for his performance.

Gov't employees have signed into an employment contract to hold those gov't jobs, and they are being compensated to abide by that corporation's internal statutes, but you and I are not, therefore, they simply do not apply to us.

Yes, it is a nationwide con that has been ongoing for years. It is how they control society under corporate statutes; it is how they interfere with your Rights; it is how they make billions of dollars due to our ignorance of the Law; it is how they incarcerate us for victimless crimes where there is no injured party.

Anytime a prosecutor brings forth a criminal complaint against you, it reads like this:

STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. PUBLIC [illegal possession of cannabis oil, marijuana, automatic weapons, etc.]

If he had an actual claim, it would read like this:

Bob T. Jones II vs John Q. Public (Bob being the prosecutor himself in his capacity as a man).

He's filing a complaint on behalf of his imaginary friend that goes by that name 'STATE OF TEXAS', but he has no verifiable claim because nothing you may have done harmed HIM or his personal property, and he cannot produce his Plaintiff (imaginary friend) to point you out across the courtroom and say,

"That man sitting right over there caused me harm by his failure to file an income tax form, or his failure to obtain a concealed carry permit, or his possession of cannabis oil, etc."

You have the Right to face your accuser (Amendment VI); to cross examine him, and to avoid any cases of mistaken identity. That is why you must REQUIRE the prosecutor cough up his imaginary friend to take the stand and VERIFY his claims against you, with his mouth in open court- pressing it upon the record-with his voice, and only a living-breathing man can do that.

The other reason you want the prosecutor to cough up his imaginary friend to verify his claims against you, is so you'll know EXACTLY who to hold accountable should those claims turn out to be false or inaccurate You want to know WHO is bearing liability for this matter should he be lying, and WHO you can file your own claim against should he be acting in dishonor by dragging you into court and wasting your time with a complaint that no living man can take the stand and verify that could have possibly landed you in prison that day.

Someone (a living man) has to bear liability should the claims turn out to be false and inaccurate, that 'someone's' name needs to be the actual plaintiff, not an imaginary entity you'll never be able to track down and hold accountable for his trespasses.

A prosecutor can CERTIFY his piece of shit-worthless-toothless complaint because he's the one who wrote the piece of shit A Notary can certify she seen a piece of paper, but can she VERIFY anything on that piece of paper is actually true? Not unless she herself has personal first hand knowledge

You don't care about his CERTIFIED complaint, you want to see a VERIFIABLE claim, so you know whose ass to nail to a cross when that claim turns out to be false and it is nothing more than an attempt to maliciously prosecute you to unjustly enrich himself and his imaginary friend(s).

Remember: He's only complaining, because gov't cannot bring forth actual claims against man because man created gov't. All they can do is complain if you are not an employee of that agency who is being compensated to abide by that agencies internal-corporate statutes. But his complaints are causing you harm; they are harming your good name within your community; they are depriving you of your property without due process of law, and they are wasting your very valuable time, money, and resources having to deal with a complaint that no one can take the stand and verify in open court.

Therefore, the prosecutor is filing false claims against his fellow man, and that is an unlawful act in which he most certainly can be held accountable.

If the prosecutor has a problem with you, then he needs to bring forth the claim on his own behalf (him as the actual plaintiff), not on behalf of his imaginary friend that's nowhere in sight. Someone has to bear all liability should the claims turn out to be false, and good luck tracking down his imaginary friend who cannot fog a mirror

To use this Notice in an existing case,

Just replace 'STATE OF TEXAS' with 'IRS' or 'CITY OF GALVESTON', or 'CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES', or 'UNITED STATES', etc. depending on your specific situation. If there is no property involved and it's just some prosecutor attempting to bring you up on criminal complaint for something (anything), just take out the parts having to do with property.

Handwrite the Notice and make COPIES of the Notice. You'll want to enter a COPY into the prosecutor's case, not the original, as doing so would be surrendering your property to the court. You want to keep the original so they cannot alter it in any way shape or form. The only body that may hold and verify the original would be a Jury of your Peers. You have to be very vigilant in protecting your property (claims and notices) when dealing with these courts and prosecutors; if they can change or alter it in anyway (ie: change your claim into a complaint) to get themselves off the hook, bet your ass they will do just that. Protect yourself and only enter a COPY into their case so they know you still possess the original if they decide to trespass on your property by altering it in any way-shape or form.

Court Clerks are notorious for changing claims into complaints without your knowledge, so stay vigilant (y)

Remember: America is STILL a Common Law Nation (as is Canada, England, Australia, and a few others). Common Law is unwritten Law - It is nowhere to be found in codes/statutes/rules/regulations. Basically, you can do anything you damned well please as long as you are not harming your fellow man or his property, and you have the right to face your accuser (see Article VI) and settle with him on the private side before it goes public if for some reason you DO trespass on your fellow [wo]man.

Beware of the Bar Shysters who say,

'The 6th Amendment only guarantees you the Right to confront the witnesses against you, it says nothing about confronting your accuser.'

Here's where your common sense comes into play:

Would an accuser have not also witnessed the supposed crime?

I go into more detail on this here:


Use your noggin out there (y)


If the prosecutor is stating the 'IRS', or the 'STATE OF IDAHO', etc. is the Plaintiff, then make the Son-of-a-Bitch put his Plaintiff on the witness stand so you may cross examine him and compensate him for any harm you may have caused him or his personal property by your failure to file paperwork such as tax forms, or failure to obtain a concealed carry permit, or failure to obtain a Class III weapons tax stamp, or possession of marijuana, etc. If he can't produce the Plaintiff (the Plaintiff MUST Appear), then sue his ass for filing false claims against you and take his house or retirement fund. Someone (a living wo[man]) has to show up and verify the harm, injury, or loss (y)

Here is the Notice: [I have edited it a few times to give it more teeth]

******************************* NOTICE **********************************

" i: a man; require the STATE OF TEXAS (Plaintiff) to show up in court; take the stand; present me with a photo ID (eg: a Driver's License with his/her name STATE OF TEXAS clearly printed on it; a current street address, and a clear photo of his/her face to enter into the record so I'll know who to hold personally liable should the claims against me turn out to be false, and/or inaccurate), and verify his/her claim against me so i may cross examine my accuser (Amendment VI - The accuser surely witnessed the supposed crime and the plaintiff must appear) and compensate him/her for any harm, injury, or loss i may have caused. If this man/woman that goes by the name 'STATE OF TEXAS' cannot show up to verify his/her claim, i require this matter immediately discharged, as the court will have no jurisdiction to even hear the case because there is apparently no controversy before the court.

It is my belief there is no man/woman named 'STATE OF TEXAS' who can verify this claim by pointing me out across the room and uttering with his/her voice I've done wrong or caused him/her personal harm, injury, or loss, therefore pressing it upon the record in open court; as I've never even heard of this man/woman and don't believe we've ever crossed paths to be quite honest. It is also my belief, that someone is filing frivolous complaints (false claims) on behalf of their imaginary friend known as the 'STATE OF TEXAS' in an attempt to unjustly enrich themselves and the 'STATE OF TEXAS' (whoever those individuals may be) in an attempt to deprive me of my Rights, Liberty, and Property without due process of law and/or fair and just compensation.

If this matter is not immediately discharged prior to the first hearing, i will be requiring leave of court so i may bring forth an actual proper and verifiable claim before the court to address these trespasses against me in the proper venue-a court of record (trespasses being: filing false claims, barratry, extortion, malicious prosecution, unjust enrichment, fraud, theft, robbery, kidnapping, etc.), in which i will be requiring compensation for the trespasses, as well as compensation for wasting my valuable time, money, and resources having to deal with this complaint no living man can take the stand and verify, as i do not have time to answer complaints without compensation at this time.

Unless there is a verified claim before the court (not a certified complaint), I will require compensation and provide a bill to whoever is responsible for me having to take time off work to listen to complaints. I charge $25,752.83 USD (Federal Reserve Notes and/or Gold and Silver Coin) to show up and listen to complaints, and an additional $1,047.60 per minute I am standing there; balance due within 30 days of hearing. Failure to discharge this complaint is agreeance to these terms and conditions.

You have disrupted my life having to deal with this complaint you have filed on behalf of your imaginary friend, and I simply want to get on with my life. I am willing to forgive this trespass should you decide to act in honor and discharge this matter, immediately.

In the unforeseen event I have been unlawfully incarcerated due to this criminal complaint or warrant issued due to this criminal complaint (false claim), I will also be requiring compensation of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) per minute for every minute i have been/or am incarcerated, from the very commencement of the crime till i be released. If there is an actual verifiable claim before the court, i will be more than happy to show up free of charge and address any proper and verifiable claim against me and compensate any man I have caused harm, injury, or loss. I also require and order the immediate restoration of my property (see Exhibit A) and one dollar ($1.00) per second from the commencement of the crime till my property be restored - your name here.'


Note 1: Those of you who are new to Common Law, as well as you 'legal experts', might want to read my comments below, especially the one about the temptation to razzle & dazzle everyone with your legalese bullshit by adding codes, statutes, and case law of ANY kind to that Notice to give it more teeth because you think it's too simple and needs more crap added to it

Note 2: If there is no theft/robbery/ of property, or kidnapping involved, just leave that out of the Notice. Property is anything you enjoy exclusive Right to. If it is a CPS case involving children, you use the word property, not 'children'. The STATE has no control over property, but they do have control over words they use in their statutes such as 'child', 'infant', 'children', 'motor vehicle', 'marijuana', 'automatic weapons', 'firearms', 'land', 'homes', 'bicycles', etc. You always want to use that word 'property', period! And 'Exhibit A' should be a photo of the property attached to the back of your Notice; a photocopy of that property is fine.

Note 3: Your pricing for trespasses may be different than mine. If you feel that is not enough or too much, change your invoice to reflect your required compensations.

Go to 13:30 of this audio and listen as a caller explains to Karl Lentz how his wife Nora required the immediate restoration of her property (a child), and threatened to charge the STATE $1.00 per second for every second her property was not restored, and the judge ordered the immediate restoration of property. Once you claim your property and no one can show up to court and verify a superior claim to that property, then the judge HAS to order the restoration of that property or he himself now becomes an accessory to the theft/robbery (crime) AFTER the fact, and now you can file a CLAIM against HIM or HER for that trespass.

Go to 13:30 and listen to the very end, you'll be glad you did

Edit: For some strange reason this link has been scrubbed from the net. I wonder why?


Bonus Note: The gov't HATES it when you use that pesky word 'property' in your claims because gov't has no control over the property of man, but it does have control over words THEY'VE created within their own statutes, such a 'child', or 'firearm', or 'automobile', etc.

Let them call it what they want, but in the end it is your 'property', only!

Here's a good place to begin your journey on 'property':


Back to the steak and potatoes:

Either someone can show up and VERIFY the claim by pressing it upon the record in open court, or there is no case, period. The prosecutor cannot verify the claim because he has no first hand knowledge, and nothing you may have done caused harm, injury, or loss to himself or his personal property, and his imaginary friend cannot speak, and we all know by now that the plaintiff MUST-MUST-MUST appear and verify his/her claims so there is someone who can bear full liability should those claims turn out to be false and inaccurate.

If the prosecutor has a problem with you, then the prosecutor needs to enter HIS personal name as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, not his imaginary friend who you'll never be able to track down and drag into court once you start filing your claims for the trespass

Simply put, he's filing false claims against YOU to unjustly enrich himself (and put you in a cage so they can rape your birth bond and fill their industrial prison complex with fresh souls for more state/federal funding), and this entity known as the 'STATE OF TEXAS', or 'IRS', or 'UNITED STATES', etc. You're letting the man/woman who's prosecuting this case against you know, that if they don't discharge this nonsense before the next hearing, you are going to stop the next hearing in its tracks by saying "i require leave of court so I may bring forth a proper and verifiable claim against YOU for filing false claims against me, and I will be requiring compensation for the trespasses, and that compensation is NOT going to be cheap AND if a jury sees fit, it may be YOU who ends in prison for your trespasses instead of me

You see, up to this point the prosecutor had no skin in the game. If he wins or loses, he suffers no loss other than his time. But when you bring forth your own claim in YOUR court against HIM, now he definitely has some skin in the game, and now he may very well lose a lot of money and/or get sentenced to prison himself for his trespasses against his fellow man

Filing False Claims is VERY SERIOUS Business, folks!

These clowns ruin a lot of people's lives with their con of filing criminal COMPLAINTS into courthouses that no living man can verify. But up till now, we haven't known how to hold them personally accountable for their trespasses, which makes the game a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING, now that we have TWO players who may be held accountable instead of only one - you

Now HE has some actual skin in the game, which is EXACTLY how it should be. If anyone else went down to their local-county courthouse and started filing bullshit complaints/claims into court on behalf of their imaginary friends, they'd be locked up. Filing claims is serious business, and filing FALSE claims is REAL serious business!

Remember: Your claim supercedes his silly complaint. You can verify your claim, but he cannot verify the complaint, and court is no place for men to waste the courts time and resources listening to men complain about other men.

The prosecutor himself has no first hand knowledge of anything unless HE is the actual injured party bringing the suit (the plaintiff), and nothing you may have done caused harm, injury, or loss to himself or his property, and he cannot produce his Plaintiff because there is no man named 'STATE OF TEXAS' who can take the stand and verify the complaint, either.

Court is a place for man to settle claims, not complaints. This is why so many police brutality cases get dismissed and people do not get the remedy they rightfully deserve - because they are filing complaints with the cops department instead of filing an actual CLAIM against the cop for his trespasses (harassing you; assaulting you; kidnapping you; killing your pet; beating the shit out of you because you don't respect their 'authori-tay', etc.) and dragging HIS ass, in his private-personal capacity as a 'man' into court for his trespasses. Just because he has a badge does not give him the Right to harm another man, and 'I was just doing my job' won't cut it once you file an actual claim against him.

You do NOT want to file a complaint with his department, because no one wants to listen to you complain - they WILL on the other hand listen when you have filed an actual CLAIM, and there is a HUGE difference between the two (y)

They call it a criminal COMPLAINT for a reason - it is nothing more than a prosecutor complaining about your personal possessions (property), or something you may have done. He has no verifiable CLAIM, therefore all he can do is COMPLAIN, hence the 'criminal complaint'

Back to the story:

You'll want to enter that Notice into an existing case they have against you. If the prosecutor doesn't discharge/dismiss the case after reading that Notice, he's calling your bluff. When you get to the hearing, simply keep your mouth shut and keep referring the judge back to your Notice anytime he's asks you questions because he's more than likely trying to pull you out of the Common Law and back into their statutory jurisdiction (control).

If he asks you a question, have him write that question on a piece of paper. Now you have dragged him out of his fiction and into his capacity as a 'man' that is dealing with another man. Answer the question in writing if you can, or require leave of court to prepare your answer, but always keep your mouth shut as much as possible and keep referring him to your Notice so he can't trick you into saying something that drags you back under his jurisdiction.

If they insist on continuing or ignoring you, then do what you said you would do in the Notice and REQUIRE (to demand by right and by authority) leave of court for a few days so you can perfect your actual claim against the prosecutor and drag his ass into YOUR court as a defendant for filing false claims against you at the next hearing after they listen to his complaint in HIS court. Because the compensation you will be requiring for the trespass shall exceed twenty dollars, you'll be able to drag him into a trial by jury (see Article VII) as a defendant for filing false claims against you that no Plaintiff showed up to verify.

And here's how you file an actual claim that runs concurrent with his complaint, and enter a "Notice: Claim; Trespass" into his existing case to be heard at the next upcoming hearing


The courthouse is a PUBLIC building where ALL men may file claims to settle their disputes with another man. The BAR Association spends a LOT of time in that public building (that belongs to the public) prosecuting people for statutory violations in the prosecutors court. When he brings forth a complaint to that public building, he is bringing his court to that public building. When you bring your claim to that public building, you are bringing YOUR court. Your court is a court of record under the common law, in which now you are the prosecutor; the jury is now the judge, and the man usually acting as a judge is now lowered to the status of a referee; to keep court decorum; to sign the orders of the judge (the jury), and he can no longer tell you to 'sit down and shut up' in YOUR court because he is a guest. You have required his services to help you settle your claim with another man. If he's not qualified, find another judge who is qualified to act in that capacity at common law-in a court of record as an Article III judge who is there to help protect and secure your Rights vs operating in his capacity as an Administrative judge administrating one of their 14th Amendment 'citizens of the United States' ... aka ... 'federal employee' ... presumption of law-legal person

This is why there is a judge on duty 24/7 at all courthouses-for emergency hearings when there is an emergency dispute that needs to be settled, such as a kidnapping or a theft or robbery of a child by CPS .We pay them and the Clerks, Janitors, window cleaners, etc. to keep that PUBLIC courthouse up to par for us and a magistrate on duty 24/7/365 in case we have a dispute to settle with another man. They don't own the courthouse, although they'd like you to think otherwise. The People own that public building and the BAR Association rents it just like we do by paying court fees, just like we do

I'll eventually do another write up on this, but back to the story:

If a prosecutor is claiming the 'UNITED STATES' is the Plaintiff in his suit against you, then for the love of God make him produce his Plaintiff so you may cross examine your accuser. Article VI guarantees you that right (that Right predates the Constitution). He can't produce the Plaintiff, because the 'UNITED STATES' is not a living man who can utter with his voice you've done wrong and caused him personal harm, injury, or loss ..... and this is how you call them out on it and hold them personally accountable for filing false claims against you.

In order for their to be a controversy for a judge to hear, there MUST be a living man or woman willing to take the stand and VERIFY harm, injury, or loss you may have caused. If no living man or woman can take the stand, then there is NO CONTROVERSY, and what the hell are you doing there?

If there is no [wo]man willing to take the stand and VERIFY that YOU have caused them or their property, harm, injury, or loss, then there is no controversy; if there is no controversy, there is no jurisdiction of ANY court; or ANY judge to ever entertain the case, because there is no case

This is why it may not be in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent you, because by doing so, you have surrendered to an officer of the court and can no longer make any jurisdictional challenges (Corpus Juris Secundum).

A corporation such as the UNITED STATES or the STATE OF TEXAS cannot take the stand, it is a fictitious-corporate entity created by man. It does not speak; it does not eat; it does not drink; it cannot bring forth a claim against a living man, therefore there is no one to verify the claim.

Here's Karl Lentz explaining the concept of filing a claim against their complaint in the comment section below. Listen to the entire 4 minutes, you'll be glad you did.

And if you'd like to learn REAL and actual LAW of this Land and how to defend yourself against gov't agents, this would be a good place to start:


Be sure to read all the comments below this post for other pertinent information that may be of benefit to you, and go to my main page to see more posts.

Can anybody delegate an authority they don't have?
Was anybody born with innate authority over anybody else?
Then how did authority nobody had get delegated to those who call themselves government?

Show me my personally signed contract wherein I consented to be governed.
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